1. Introducing the National Minimum Wage and establishing the Low Pay Commission

2. Tripled spending on our NHS, an increase of over £66bn – more than doubling health spending per capita

3. Investing in 42,400 extra teachers and 212,000 more support staff – including an extra 123,100 teaching assistants

4. More than doubling Britain’s overseas aid budget, helping lift an estimated three million people out of poverty each year

5. Scrapped Section 28 and introduced civil partnerships

6. Introducing the Human Rights Act

7. More than doubling the number of apprenticeships

8. Creating Sure Start, with 3,500 centres opened across the country

9. Lifting 900,000 pensioners out of poverty

10. Introducing Tax Credits meaning a single mum working part time could be over £6000 better off

11. Peace in Northern Ireland

12. Reducing the number of people waiting over six months for an operation from 284,000 to almost zero by 2010

13. Powering over 2 million homes from offshore wind, giving Britain more offshore wind capacity than any country in the world

14. Introduced the Equality and Human Rights Commission to stamp out all forms of discrimination

15. The Child Poverty Act, lifting 600,000 children out of relative poverty

16. Investing in 44,000 more doctors and over 89,000 more nurses

17. Reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 21 per cent from 1990 levels, beating the Kyoto target

18. Increased state pension

19. Preventing genocide in Kosovo

20. The introduction of the Winter Fuel Allowance

21. Extended free eye tests for over 60s

22. The 2008 Climate Change Act

23. Number of police officers up by 16,000, and 16,000 more Police Community Support Officers

24. Extending the opening hours of over three quarters of GP practices

25. Removing the majority of hereditary peers from the House of Lords

26. Decreased homelessness by 73% since 2003

27. A free part-time nursery place for every three and four year old

28. Increasing paid annual leave to 28 days per year

29. Free prescriptions for cancer patients

30. Doubled education funding for every pupil in Britain

31. Introduced Paternity Leave, giving fathers 2 weeks off

32. Increased the value of Child Benefit by over 26%

33. Established the Food Standards Agency

34. Introduced the Equality Act preventing discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation

35. The Freedom of Information Act

36. Increasing the number of university places with a majority of women going to Further Education

37. Assuring the construction of Crossrail with a £5 billion grant from the government

38. Helping to end the civil war in Sierra Leone

39. Rural Development Programme for England which makes £3.9 billion available 2007 – 2013 to protect the rural environment

40. The introduction of Educational Maintenance Allowances as having a positive impact in encouraging pupils after 16 years to stay in education, attend regularly, focus and make real progress. They have helped to turn many young people’s lives around.

41.Extended free off-peak bus travel for over-60s and disabled travellers

42. Creating the Scottish Parliament

43. A ban on the use, production and stockpiling of cluster bombs

44. The ban on new grammar schools

45. Heart disease deaths down by 150,000 and cancer deaths down by 50,000.

46. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 1960s

47. Investing £20 billion in improvements to social housing conditions – ‘one of Labour’s greatest legacies’ (Housing Insider UK)

48. Removed the minimum donations limit from Gift Aid

49. Reducing the number of people on waiting lists by over 500,000; waiting times fell to a maximum of 18 weeks, their lowest ever levels

50. Rise in the number of school leavers with five good GCSEs from 45% to 76%

51. The Young Person’s Job Guarantee

52. Statutory union recognition

53. The introduction of Pension Credits

54. Cut long-term youth unemployment by 75%

55. Free school milk and fruit

56. The Disability Rights Commission

57. Doubled the number of registered childcare spaces

58. Raised the legal age of buying cigarettes to 18 and banned tobacco advertising in magazines, newspapers and on billboards

59. Free entry to galleries and museums

60. Tax exemptions on childcare vouchers

61. Establishing the Welsh Assembly

62. The 2009 Autism Act, the fist ever disability specific law in England

63. New Deal for Communities programme, which invested £2 billion in some of the most deprived areas of England

64. Established the Electoral Commission

65. Halved Britain’s nuclear arsenal

66. Free television licences for those aged 75 or over on the day that the BBC publishes its strategy review

67. Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since before the industrial revolution.

68. Free off peak local bus travel for over-60s.

69. Introducing the EU Social Chapter and abolishing the opt out ensuring rights on workers’ consultation, employment rights and social security.

70. Free breast cancer screening for all women aged between 50-70.

71. Record low A&E waiting times

72. Over 3 million child trust funds started under Labour’s CTF scheme

73. Extended the Race Relations Act so that all public bodies and functions now have a duty to promote race equality

74. Reintroduced matrons to hospital wards

75. Establishing The UK Film Council

76. The 2012 Olympics

77. Banned fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals.

78. The Hunting Act

79. 93,000 more 11-year-olds achieving in numeracy each year

80. The Creation of the Department for International Development contributing £20 million a year towards regional programmes in Southern Africa

81. Reduced class sizes, improving academic attainment

82. 10 years of continuous economic growth and leading the response to the global financial crisis, leaving our economy in growth in 2010

83. Ran more surpluses and paid off more national debt than every Tory Chancellor in the last 40 years combined

84. Introducing Proportional Representation to the UK political system

85. Healthier school meals

86. Providing 3 million people with access to lifesaving drugs for HIV and AIDS

87. Introduced the right to request flexible working

88. Established NHS Direct

89. Points-based system of non-EU immigration

90. Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003

91. Introduced vaccinations for teenage girls to protect against cervical cancer

92. Violent incidents down by a half (49%) from 1995

93. Labour’s New Deal – helped over 1.8 million people into work.

94. Equalised the age of consent

95. Introduced the smoking ban

96. Introduced directly-elected mayors

97. Introducing the public interest test

98. Record number of students in higher education

99. Crime down by 45% since 1995

100. Wrote off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest countries, helping lift 3 million people out of poverty every year