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Contributing & Our Aims

This small page is here to tell you about the aims of our website and how you can contribute.

Contact us and Contribute:

If you wish to write a piece then contact us by email at or message us on Twitter @softleftpol and tell us about what you’re interested in writing.  We will consider and appreciate all contributions.

Disclaimer: contributions to Soft Left Politics do not represent the collective views of Soft Left Politics but those of the author.  Publications are approved to be considered as worthy contributions to the labour movement from a soft left perspective. 

Our Aims:

  • To be an open forum for the publication and discussion of ideas from the centre to the left.
  • We will publish pieces by academics and politicians, but most importantly this is a space for regular people, and members of grassroots movements to feel like welcome and influential members, whose contributions are highly valued.
  • The blog itself is not party aligned, free and open to all, however, contributions from partisan sources and of a partisan nature are welcome. We want this to be a place for respectful debate for progressives from the centre to the radical left.

We hope that this can lead to a greater focus on our common ideals, and a movement towards a more consensual, and less tribal, left and progressive centre.

We hope you enjoy our content and are inspired to get involved.
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